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What tools would you take for remote work

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Vsevolod: Artem, what awaits the audience in this talk and to whom it's useful?

Artem: We have prepared examples of tools that simplify our life, as well as the life of tester, developer and even manager.

Vsevolod: What kind of tools?

Artem: Let's not talk about everything, but I will tell about such tools as ngrok, CodeWithMe, monosnap.

Vsevolod: And no Miro and Allure?

Artem: Of course we'll show them.

Vsevolod: Will there be some surprise?

Artem: You're gonna spoil everything. Yes, we'll tell you what will happen to our show Survivor's bug.

Vsevolod: Let's make it clear: I think that developers and testers can join our talk, 'cause there will be application-oriented examples. We'll wait for you!

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