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Workshop. Fullstack QA: Understanding the zoo of tests. Part 2

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Many people think that testers need to write E2E tests and nothing else. This is what happens in many teams. But how correct is this in 2021, when you hear about DevOps, Docker, TestOps, CI/CD, and other "odd" things? How right is it not to use the infrastructure and experience of colleagues in the shop?

It seems that the time has come for us to renew the old arsenal of approaches and tools! At the workshop, Artem will build a simple application in Java+TS and cover it with a set of various tests:

we'll test the API, so much so that without the mumbo-jumbo; write tests on the database and see what can go wrong; figure out how to mock external dependencies; calculate how many resources will be required to run E2E tests. After the workshop, you will have a much better understanding of how the products you test work, which tests, and when are best to use instead of the good old E2E.

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