Igor Balagurov

Igor Balagurov

Company: Ozon Bank

Worked in product companies and startups for several years. Did test automation for web, API, mobile, machine learning services, as well as load/performance, security testing and other quality automation.

Now runs the testing department at Ozon Fintech, speaks at conferences, meetups and podcasts, and is on the Program committee of Heisenbug.

Igor participates in the ASK EXPERT activity in the offline part of the conference.

He will be advising on the following topics:

  • Test automation: building, developing, improving, processes around test automation, hiring and growing a team.
  • Quality Gates: autotests in CI, blocking pipelines with any tests, property-based testing.
  • Test Impact Analysis: test coverage, automation of coverage collection.
  • Topics to talk about at Heisenbug: what will resonate, how to pitch, what format to choose, evaluate ideas and pull out the the "hottest" one.

Talks from 2024 Spring season