Talk type: Partner’s BoF-session


  • Talk in Russian

At the BoF, in contrast to talks and roundtables, there is no division into participants and presenters: here everyone interacts with each other as equals. The main thing is not to off-topic and discuss the topic.

Am I my own “lead”, or is someone leading me? Let's discuss the key questions together:
Who decides what to develop?
- who evaluates the results?
Who chooses solutions?
- who controls?
- who is responsible for the result?

“Your own lead” is about:
1. Personal effectiveness: better tools, planning, transparency
2. Dialogue based on arguments with stakeholders
3. Responsibility: a necessary attribute of a leader, helping to make the right decisions and control oneself
4. Self-organization, additional training and goal setting - tools to unlock potential and achieve your goals
5. Teamwork: sharing responsibility for the overall result. The key tool is fast feedback