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Horizontally scaling a... CI pipeline (The story of)

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If your Continuous Integration pipeline is slow, you are basically wasting money! A CI pipeline is an essential tool for any modern development team, as the necessary quality assurance mechanism that ensures they can deliver working software. Slow, (or, worse, broken) pipelines cause serious impediment to development teams, and this impediment directly translates into wasted $$$.

Instead, CI should be very much treated like any other production system the company maintains. Whereas the customer-facing systems bring revenue into the company, the CI pipeline ensures the development teams remain productive and efficient in serving the former.

From this talk, you can expect to pick up some tips on how to speed up your CI pipelines, by hearing how we did it for the Red Hat 3scale CI. You'll learn how to tackle the ever-growing problem of flaky tests. You'll take with you a set of principles that will keep your test codebase healthy! This will help you reach shorter feedback loops in the development cycle, and — therefore — a more efficient use of your (dev team's) valuable, and expensive, time.

And for the cherry on top, you will probably be reducing your CI costs doing this!

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